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HarryA \../
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Tom Heys

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Wow, have you got us wrong!! This is an especially friendly place. I hope your posting challenges get fixed. I'm afraid it's not something I can do, however. Welcome to the WCHA. I hope you'll consider becoming a member. I can't tell where you're from, but we are having our annual assembly at Paul Smiths College, in upstate New York next week. It's a great time and there are lots of great people associated with this association!

Dan Miller

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In order to post in any of the forum groups (except Guestbook and Serial Number) you need to be a registered user. To register, click on the link on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Hope you will join us, I expect you will find we're not all that bad...



A little bit in a hurry...

Probably the best site PERIOD for canoes and I think you jumped the gun and complained before you knew anything about the WCHA... If you had registered first, all those links would have worked and you would have been on your way to the best advice and source of knowledge that exists... Give us another chance, OK

Benson Gray

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Messages like this are common in the news groups. They are typically referred to as a 'Troll' since their intent is usually just to stir things up. I would not be surprised if we never heard from this guy again. This is just another fact of life on the internet like casino advertisements, land deals in Latvia, and other non-canoe related spam that floats into the WCHA site occasionally.

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