Canoe bedding compound

Gordon Ellis

New Member
I am a new member and this is my first post. My first question is what kind of bedding compound to use under the keel and outer stems for my recanvased canoe. And 2nd where can I find registration numbers, In decal form or something that looks decent. Thanks for any help on these questions. Gordon Ellis
For this purpose, I think whatever is used needs to both seal the joint and remain soft enough to allow removal of the part at a later time. In other words, you don't want a strong adhesive. Years ago, I replaced the keel on a canvas canoe I had, and used window glazing putty with a little more linseed oil mixed in. It was my Grandfather's idea, and it worked good, but there are probably better choices today. I think you can buy bedding compound from most of the suppliers for w/c boats. There are some supliers listed on this website you could try.
Interlux, Pettit or Z-Spar all make marine grade bedding compounds. Dolphinite has been mentioned as well as 3-M 4200.

I last used Interlux Boatyard