bedding compound and paint


Too Many Hobbies
I put a new keel on my Shell Lake two days ago. I used bedding compound to seal underneath it. The can says that the compound can be painted once it skins over.
Understand that the canoe is fiberglassed and the keel went on over some rough spots. As a result the compound is probably a little thicker in spots and seems to be slowly pushing out from underneath. Yes, I should have smoothed everything out to make it as flat as possible. But I really need to recanvas as well as do some other wood repairs. This will get me in the water for the time being.
My question is, how long does it take for the compund to skin over? The can doesn't say.

It probably depends on the bedding compound you use, but I've been using Dolfinite recently, and it sets up enough to paint in a day or two, depending on weather. (With an oil based paint, I suspect all that matters is that the compound be firm enough to stay put when the brush goes over it.)
Don in Vermont
Over a period of days the pressure of the fit may push out bedding compound for a while and as the joint changes shape due to the movement of the hull, moisture swelling the joint etc, it may cause the compound to leak out also.