canoe age


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Hi - I thnk this forum is awesome. I don't have a wood canoe right now, but I find the info and projects going on here very interesting.

I have a fiberglass Old Town SN 230282. I've been wondering about its age. Also, does anyone have comments about repainting? I've recieved confilcting advice as far as sanding/not sanding.

Thank you
The scanned records only go up to 210999 so no one here can tell you much about your serial number 230282. You can send $3 to the factory and they should be able to send you a copy of the build record. The address and part number are listed at if you want more information about contacting the factory.

The Coast Guard's identification number will start with XTC and the last two digits should be the year when it was shipped. My guess is that your canoe is probably from the mid-1980s.

Painting a fiberglass canoe can be a challenge. A light sanding is usually recommended. The original mold release wax can also cause some problems. See the message at to learn more about the dreaded "fisheye" problems.

Feel free to reply there or here if you have any other questions.