Canadian Canoe Museum raffle


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
At noon tomorrow [ 9:00 AM my time ] I plan too win the 16' Peterborough canoe . Getting it to B.C. could be a challenge but I will find a way . Any chance the winning numbers will be posted on the WCHA site ?
Take it easy you two.......I just spent four days over in Peterborough with visits to the Museum three of those four days.

Now I could have waited and been there when the auction ended but that would have jinxed me for sure.
Coming home Wednesday makes me the winner of the canoe almost a sure thing cause now I'll have to make a return trip to pick it up.
Notice I said almost.......

They didn't sell as many tickets as they had hoped so the odd's for all of us aren't too bad but just to make sure I bought waaaay more tickets than I should have. After all, it's for a good cause................

Good luck!