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Just in time for Christmas! The Canadian Canoe Company and the Early Peterborough Canoe Factories by Ken Brown is a must-have for any canoe historian's library. This 154-page book follows the history of the Canadian Canoe Company from its formation, through its acquisition by Canadian Watercraft Ltd., to its closing in the 1960s. Ken's background as an economist lends a different perspective to the business of building canoes. Lots of great photos, many of which have not been published previously. Highly recommended! Order it through the WCHA On-line Store.

While your shopping the WCHA Store, order a calendar or three as well.


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Todd, Dan,
Ken Brown, the author is local here in Peterborough and I've asked about reprints of the book.
Apparently there has been discussion of reprints and even an e book version over the years but nothing has come of it so far .

Copies show up in local used bookstores on a regular basis- I'll keep my eye out for the next copy.

( from a completely unbiased point of view - not really, I know Ken- I think this is a terrific publication for a couple of reasons. Rather than go into the technical details of most other canoes books, it covers the business of canoe making and related items in the Peterborough area from the late 1800's through to the demise of the Peterborough Canoe Company in the 1960s. Ken includes great photos and maps showing where most of the offices and factories were located. Which has in turn inspired canoe industry related walking tours of downtown Peterborough. Which the Northern Lakes Chapter is hoping to revive in the Fall...)



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Hi Todd,

I have found an additional copy of Ken's book if you are still interested.


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Hey Bruce, absolutely. Will hit you up via PM to work out the logistics. Appreciate it!