Canadian Canoe Co. Paddles


At auction these Canadian Company paddles were subject to active interest and bidding. They were old, had a CCC decal and a very striking grain pattern. After the auction several people very knowledgeable in canoe lore examined the paddles to determine the wood based on the grain pattern.

Later, other eyes determined that the paddle wood was maple and the grain pattern was Faux Painting. That may date the canoe in the Art Deco era of the 20's. It is doubtful that the CCC did such complicated decoration on order, rather someone did it privately. Often paddles and canoes were detailed to impress other canoe owners and lady friends.

Does anyone have other examples of Faux Painting on canoe accessories?
Looks to me like they were faux-ing American Chestnut... very interesting! Looks much like a chestnut (the wood, not the company) paddle that Denis has.