Can anyone tell me about my new canoe?


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I will be picking up my 16' island falls canoe in a few weeks. It's the wilderness guide model. I purchased it from it's original owner. I am aware of the maker and have read both his books from cover to cover back in the mid 90's. I was looking for info on what I should expect. How it will handle, what classic canoe it most resembles etc. Thanks in advance!
No one will be better able to answer those questions than Jerry.
That model is a a bit short to be a real tripper but with it's slightly deeper draw it should be fine for most outings.
I've never paddled that one but it has great genes so it should be a real pleasure.
You won't regret your purchase and may decide to go back for the 17.5. You can never own too many canoes:D

Give Island Falls a call.....