Can anyone help me identify this one?

Rob von Bitter

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Is it a Canadian Canoe Co.? Huron? Unfortunately, I don't have any measurements for this canoe. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Allo Rob. Once you will have restored the canoe, it will be a nice one for sure. It has a deck like a Canadian Canoe Co. It doesn't have the inside gunwales and deck arrow head type assembly method of the Huron. There should be a decal on the bow deck unless the deck was replaced in the past. Also, check for serial number right in front of the bow seat on the stem. You must pay a lot of attention to find it sometimes. I have restored a few Canadian Canoes Co and some of them had a model number written on the planking, at the bow and stern, both sides under the canvas of course! You know, one time I did one that had the same color. Good luck with your project. Sandpiper