Cabin Fever - Mind Games

Bill Mackey

LOVES Wooden Canoes

A beautiful spring morning, you are launching your canoe for a solo ride on a smooth as glass lake. The sun has just cleared the horizon.

How many paddles did you put into the canoe? Are they all different?
You don't put just one club in a golf bag, you are prepared for different conditions.

OK play along with my cabin fever game, I will give my answer a little later.
Add to the scenario any thing that will help place you in the mood.:p
Probably three in the boat, none in my hands, until I wade out deep enough to put the boat down. The first paddle I use is a laminated wood whitewater beast with an epoxy or plastic edge, for getting to deep water without dinging up my nice paddles. Then there's my maple & curly walnut OtterTail, for paddling through the deep water. Then there's my maple & african mahogany FreeStyle paddle, for when I find a nice place to sit & play. Since there are no portages involved, you can bring them all...

Movers dumped everything in, hanging paddles now.
Usually start out with a Lolk, butternut or birdseye for the lake, Nashwaak cherry cruiser for the slow moving river, and if anyone comes around I pull out the cherry guideboat sneak paddle for some flash....
Wow maybe my wife is right, I DO have to many- is 18 too many?.;):rolleyes: