Build record please

Looks like a 20' Guide Special in GS (Guide Special) grade. Had birch decks, seats & thwarts, a keel and was painted Dark Green. It was delivered to Rangely, ME in 1922.


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*Thanks* Mike!

It's always interesting to see a canoe's birth history! I passed the information on to the owner, who is selling the canoe... and encouraged her to point the canoe's buyers in the direction of WCHA.
Hi Kathryn:

I grew up in Rangeley and found the build record interesting. Russell's, I believe, was kind of a hardware store/convenience store/ etc. They probably ordered it for a "person from away" during the summer, I speculate. The Russell family also built Rangeley Boats, which were western Maine's version of lapstrake guideboats. In my experience, canoes were not all that common in this part of Maine. The guideboats were more popular and you can still go to remote pond and find some stashed in the woods and rotting away. The preference is probably related to the large windblown lakes in the area more than anything else.

What part of the world did the canoe end up?
What do you mean "grew up"?? Isn't that you in that picture?

Kathryn - a planling question. Do you know if the planking in that 20 footer is white or red cedar? We've seen two GS Guides recently, one 1914 and the other 1923 that had narrow white cedar planking. Probably using up rib stock but both build records did have WC next to planking.

The boat on eBay

That twenty-footer is currently for sale on eBay and I was curious about the build record because the seller says it's 105 years old. Its present home is in Wausau, Wisconsin. The seller says he is the third owner.

There's only one picture on the eBay listing, although the seller says there will eventually be more pictures. I'll ask about the planking and also forward the information Fitz posted, although I encouraged the seller to show up in this place and look at the build record... maybe he'll join the group and keep the canoe... or someone in Wisconsin will buy it and then join in the activities with the Wisconsin WCHA Chapter.
Hi kathy,

for a minute there I thought your were going to finally add and Old Town to the collection.
regards, Dave.
With three eighteen footers in the fleet, we don't need any more big canoes! There IS a really sweet little Carleton on eBay though... but I'm working hard at not fantasizing about it. If it was close-by and not in Massachusetts and a bit less money, I might have trouble getting past it, though.
At least she now has it priced a bit more realistic.

And it's "close" to 100 years old.

I told her I passed on a pristen original 20' Guide a few years ago for $1200, it was just too large to handle.

And Kathern, with all your looking/searching, find me a 16 or 17' Chestnut Pleasure model in need of attention. We rarely see Chestnuts out here.

"Out here" is a place I know well, Dan

I make it to the Twin City area several times a year (it's where I'm from and where many family members still are), so I'll keep my eyes and ears open for a Chestnut.
Head Dresses

Dan at Smallboatshop,

What can I say Dan, a real man can never have too many head dresses!:eek:

I too wonder about the "WC" occasionally. I just recanvassed a 1929 AA Grade OTCA and it had rather short sections of planking for an Old Town of this vintage. The planking appears to be white cedar.

Thanks for looking into this canoe Kathryn.
I'm confused, I thought that somebody once said that WC stood for White Cedar on the OT records.

And any of you Wis/Mi folks, if you're coming to the Cities, are you interested in a Shell Lake? I have 2 and could be talked out of 1.

The earliest canoes - those built in the 00s and into the early teens sometime, had (usually) white cedar planking. Not sure exactly when they made the transition from white to red... Ribs were (almost) always white cedar.
Very interesting comments

Very interesting comments this morning. I have recently moved to West Paris here in Maine and actually not to far from Rangely!....Always a very educational journey when you read through these posts...Think I will head up there and look for one of those rotting ones just to take pictures of it. As a passing comment...........I have recently gone on to "Craigs list" and in any state you can usually find some canoes posted in the "boat" section. Am going to Denmark Maine this weekend to look at an old OT....Thanks for all the sharing...have been asking all the locals....trying to find an HH Hosmer with the little brass name plate and a Stephenson!..Saw the original site where they were building them in Norway Maine