Asian canoe model


I may be beaten around the head and shoulders with an ash paddle for suggesting this but I believe in recycling. A friend gave me a 26" Asian canoe model. Buy-it-Now $9.99. I did not know what to do with it until I noticed that the ribs were laid in very neatly. Out came the really ugly out of scale seats. The excess hot glue that held them in was scraped off and a coat of flat varnish applied to the interior. It looks nice sitting on a window sill and if the summer sun cooks it there is no loss.

Don't encourage Asian imports. Wait till things come free.

Excellent idea! And it looks sooooo much better!

Too bad we can't turn the little birch barks that have the wrong side out, the other way around. I hate seeing them on eBay labeled "Native American made" because that says way-too-much.