Brass Washers


I am fixing up a 79 year old 17' Kennebec, and I would like to put a keel on it. There are lots of cone shaped holes on the interior keel line and I'm assuming there are cone shaped brass washers or something that I need to get. Where would I find something like that?
Finishing Washers

They're called finishing washers and they should be available at your local hardware store. If not, check out McMaster-Carr.
Hi David,
Check your local hardware store. Also Jamestown Distributors has them. These are different than the cone shaped finish washers that Kennebec used. I have two Kennebec's in the shop right now and would like to find out if these old original style washers are available too, somewhere. The "kennebec style" washers have much less reveal on them than the normal finishing washers.

When I looked at the canoe today, I noticed that most of the keel washers are still in place, so as it turns out I only need to replace a few. They were so crudded up, I thought they were wood....