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We're missing a button. We would like to find a 'brass floor button' for holding the grate in our Indian Girl. Attached is the only button keeping our grate from falling out,,,,,,,how embarassing. Any leads would be appreciated.

Dave Davidson

P.S. Thanks Roger for resizing the pics.


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Trivia time! Those are cupboard latches, which were available from hardware catalogs at least as early as 1865... So keep an eye on your local flea markets and junk boxes at auctions.

Not the first time a canoe builder pillaged the other trades - the mast rings used on Peterborough-region boats came from the plumber's supply houses...

Wow, I never cease to be amazed at the combined knowledge of this group. How about the floor rack toggle shown in the picture below for an Old Town Charles River model that shipped in 1907? I have two and need two more. Any ideas? Thanks,



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Thank you


Gotcha covered. Check your private messages.

Thank you!!! Although Peggy could always use another reason to go through the box lots at an auction. She found our IG at a local auction, and knew what she found. She can fill a barn with canoes in short order, everyone should have my problems.


Is that a Phillips head screw?

Are they original? Phillips ran a patent about 1934 or so?

PS: I have seen toggles like that somewhere, now if I can just dredge it from the foggy noggin.

Good catch Fitz. I just took it out and all apart. The Phillips head screw passes through the toggle and is threaded into the metal base. The wood screws appear to be galvanized. These are all things which probably wouldn't have been installed at the factory in 1906. The canoe also has four brackets in the rails as shown at and that may have once held a canopy. None of these were mentioned on the build record. These floor rack toggles were probably added when the other brackets were. Thanks,



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Thank you

We received your "brass floor buttons", (cupboard latches). They arrived in great shape. Thanks again, Dave & Peggy