Bow and Stern Height

Dave Osborn

Hi Guys!
Here's one for you guys to help with. I received an e-mail from a gentleman concerning the original height of the bow and stern on a 1910 Otca. I don't have a way to check it for the guy because the only Otca that I have has the classic end rot disease. (remember that one, Dan?)
Here is what his question was to me. Hope someone can help.

Loren wrote: "My problem is that I'm working on a canoe that has already been worked on but not finished by someone else. I think there's been a change made to the height of the bow and stern. The only way I can think to determine the correct height is to stretch a string from the top of the bow tip to the top of the stern tip and measure the "drop" from the string to the center floor of the canoe".

Hope we can help this guy.....

IMHO, I would find the "flat area" along the gunnals which most likely will be in the center of the canoe and extend that line to the ends. Then you can measure up to the bow and stern and find if they are both the same and if not, which is the most desirable height. Take it from there...
I don't have a 1910 Otca but I have just measured a 1907 Charles River model, a 1936 Yankee model, and a 1982 Molitor. They all have about 12 inches of vertical rise between the middle of the gunwale and the tips at the end so my guess is that the Otca would have been similar in 1910. Feel free to reply here if this doesn't answer your question.