Boom House!

Ripogenus Boom House

Hi Blue Viking:

We recently spent time on the West Branch Penobscot and Chesuncook Lake. We took out at the landing at Chesuncook Lake / Ripogenus Boom House shown in the attached photo.

I spent some time staying at this Boom House as a student years ago. I was impressed by the big kitchen and stove that must have served many a hungry logger.

I noticed someone has recently replaced the windows and doors.



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Nope....different Boom House...This one is right where the Golden Road goes by Amberjesus and Millinocket Lakes...where the trading post and the Millinockett Inn is....across the narrow part of the Amberjesus right is another Boom House that is a museum now...Going there Thursday to stay and visit the the Keeper...He also handmakes Traditional Birchbark canoes. Will take pictures of this one!
Boom House

Your just in time to pick Fiddleheads
attached boom house photos


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Thanks FH! I will be staying in the bunk across from those windows upstairs....Have you met "Chuck"? He has several birchbark canoes stored at a house almost across from the seaplane!.


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