Bob's Special


Rustic Idjit
I would like to acquire plans or offsets for a wood and canvas version of the Bob's special canoe. All I have been able to locate are plans for a strip built version. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

Not aware of any for cedar canvas construction. You can use stripper plans - loft it per usual and reduce the stations to accomodate the combined thickness of your ribs, planking, canvas, form sheathing and metal bands, remembering that the stations may already have been reduced by the thickness of the strips for a strip-built hull.
give me a day to locate my offsets and patterns. i built a bob's form last spring for canvas. i think i did the reductions on the patterns but i have crs.:eek:
fly, found the offsets and the hand made measurements done by roger macgregor who was kind enough to share them with me. contact me by email and we can arrange transmittal by mail or electronic. :D