Boats on the Boardwalk, Traverse City, MI

I don't know how many WCHA members were there, but there were not many canoes in attendance.

There were two beauties though, a OTCA AA owned by Bob Johnson, and a Kennebec owned by Russ Hicks. Russ said that he left the galvanised handles on the Kennebec because they had done a good job of protecting the original label, which I didn't get a great picture of.

Lotsa nice wood, but mostly runabouts'


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One of my favorite writers, Jerry Dennis, lives in Traverse City. He wrote a book called "From a Wooden Canoe," a good read, even though he confesses he doesn't own a wooden canoe!

But check out any of his other books. Natural science made readable. His book on water I've had my kids read and they loved it--much better than school textbooks.