Blasphemy on this site..but..Point me in the right direction...


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I bought a one horse sleigh last week..and when I went to pick it up..there hanging from the rafters was a canoe..Upon inspection..It is..(gasp)..fiberglass..but old. it is about 17'..has an aluminum strip down the center..probably where the halves are joined..and if it were covered with would look like every Native American canoe I ever saw. The bow and stern ends are sharply curved upwards..and match..The man said he brought it from Wisconsin years ago..I loaded my sleigh..and ended up with the canoe for $75..It has no repairs..and came with a pair of cane seats..Thus to my question..Is there a place..or someone..that I could Email a couple pictures try to determine some info. about it. I have a nice big pond on my I intend to use it..along with my JON boat..I'm honing my woodworking skills..and will get a proper canoe..PS..Looked at a '57 OWENS Cruiser last week...don't know if I'll EVER be that good with wood.Thanks for not banishing my question to cyberspace..I would appreciate any help...JV...
I'm sure I'm not the only one who is curious and would like to see pictures. Any canoe-questions are welcome-- it's part of the history of the canoe to know what's out there, and your new acquisition sounds interesting.

Kathy..I'm a novice to the workings of a computer. My wife says..learn !!...If you could send your Email adress..I'll Email you some pictures
I Googled..Dolphin Canoe...and ..I found a picture of one that looks like mine. Seems they were in biz. from '73-86. If anyone know what the company logo...or has any pictures of paint schemes..please let me know..I see that there are even coolers available used..but they are 3X what I paid for the canoe. I have a big pond..but I'm also within 10 miles of the Spring and Strawberry Rivers in NE Arkansas.This is my next project..after the sleigh. I really appreciate the help..Jerry
Todd..Thank you. Mine must be a different the bow and stern are MUCH higher than those pictured. I would be more than happy to Email pics of mine to a member for a positive ID. I'm clueless when it come to putting pictures on the web...j
Then your canoe would be the Dolphin "Chief" model. It was the one with the really high, pointy ends. Here is a photo of one:

As I remember, they had a whole bunch of color variations available - both single and two-tone. I never sold them, but one of my competitors did, and it's always wise to keep track of the competitor's inventory (and even better to know more about it than he does).
That's the one I have. I'm going to strip the old red paint, and repaint it Hunter green ..with some graphics. The grandkids will enjoy it next year. It seems to be of pretty good quality..and I think I got a good buy at $75..Thank you all for the help..J