Bait well? Engine well? Is it a legitamate option/feature?


This past August at our summer house, I was clearing out the barn and boat sheds and got interested in the wooden canoe we have had around for as long as anyone in the family can remember. I suspect it was my father's or perhaps my grandfather's canoe, and seem to remember my father re-canvased it in the 60's. He did not do the best of jobs and the canoe became too heavy for us kids (at that time) to use. I plan to restore it, starting next year, but have a question. It currently has what we always thought was a bait well slightly aft of the mid-point, though it might have been an engine well - as it is extremely well made and strong. Looking through the forums, I believe it is a Chestnut of about 16' to 17' in length (I am back in the UK, wishing I'd taken some pictures and measurements) with a fairly broad beam. Would this have been a "factory option" or did my grandfather or father customize the canoe? Any thoughts?