B.N. Morris Co. kayak


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I am lookin for information on a kayak built by B.N. Morris Co in Veazie, Maine.
It is unique in that you row it with hinged oars and travel in the direction you are facing. It is a one person craft and I think I have all of the pieces except the mast used for sailing.
Any info will help.
Morris is not know for making kayaks although he did make canoes with long decks which look like kayaks. Hinged oar systems have been available from a number of vendors over the years. I don't recall seeing one listed in a Morris catalog so this may have been added after the canoe was shipped from the factory. The best information about Morris's products would be in the catalog reprints available from http://merchandise.wcha.org/product_info.php?cPath=90_97&products_id=396 for a paper version of the 1908 catalog and http://merchandise.wcha.org/product_info.php?cPath=90_91&products_id=406 for a larger collection of catalogs on CD. The book at http://merchandise.wcha.org/product_info.php?cPath=92&products_id=418 also has a short section about Morris. We might be able to provide more information if you can post some pictures and the serial number.