I found a photo of a Groundhog, which is a Woodchuck, which is my nickname and I wanted to put it under my name in the formums. I made the photo 80 x 80 pixels and saved it as a .jpg file using Photoshop but when I tried to upload it in the Avatar section or the profile picture section, I got an error message that there was a problem with the upload. I have attached the file to this thread and I hope it can be used as a Avatar but if not, please tell me what I did wrong. Thanks, Joe .


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Works OK

I trired to go from 256 colors to 64 colcors and I found out how to do it but it changed the file type to .gif so I stopped and left it as a .jpg. Anyway, the file size is now 15.9kb and it seems to work OK??? :cool: