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Last year the Board asked me to make a video of highlights of the 2008 Assembly and document each of the presentations. A copy of the entire set from Assembly '08 (4 hours on 2 DVDs) has been mailed to each chapter. (Yesterday's mail - should be in US locations by the end of the week. This DVD set contains an overview of Assembly (including the Becky Mason paddling Bark Canoes piece mentioned in the Birchbark forum) plus the all of the evening presentations.

Disk 1 Total time 1:59:07
1. Flavor of Assembly 2008 - 16:04
2. Lakefield Canoes by Dick Persson - 48:30
3. The Canadian Canoe Museum - James Raffin - 54:33

Disk 2 Total time 1:58:08
4. Life & Times of Walter Walker - Intro by John Jennings 48:81
5. Kirk Wipper -. 32:02
6. Edwin Tappan Adney - Ted Behne 38:08

NOTE: The evening presentations are out of chronological order so that everything could fit onto 2 2-hour DVDs.

Thanks, Mike

The Norumbega Chapter will be having its annual winter meeting next Sunday, the 8th of February and we will be showing the DVD at the meeting. The timing couldn't have been better.

Steve Lapey
Norumbega Chapter
Is there any way that an individual like myself, who is located in the desolate Northern West, can obtain a copy of disk #1?
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We plan to tell those in our area that they can "check it out of the chapter library"... they can watch and then return it.

Thanks Mike,

Like others have said, your timing is perfect, as our winter gathering is also approaching.


This weekend must be THE weekend for chapter meetings. Now if we has some kind of large-screen video conferencing technology in each location we could hold a mid-winter virtual assembly.

Three Rivers is meeting Sunday and will already have a TV set up to show photos of Burt Martin's AT through hike. We will try to put it on before and after his presentation. Great timing!

We too make our copies available for any member to check out and return.
Were the DVD's mailed to each chapter head? As of today (2/12/09) Three Rivers Chapter has not received them.

Max Peterson
Three Rivers Chapter Head
Yep - they were mailed to the address of the chapter heads as listed in the chapter directory on the main web site. I only got one back due to insufficient address, and yours was not that one.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I'm sitting in the rangers station at Crooked River State Park in southern Georgia. I won't be home for 4-5 weeks. If you confirm your address I'll see if I can get someone at home to get another copy out.
We got our DVDs in time for our chapter meeting, and it was a hit! Great job, Mike. I especially liked seeing the green canoe with the dog hanging over the gunwales.

Ten people showed up for our chapter meeting, which is a great turnout for this area. One member drove over 100 miles to attend.

The address appears to be correct. Here it is in case:

Max Peterson
Max Woodworking
1000 Transit Blvd.
Bethel Park, PA 15102
The next meeting, and the last indoor meeting of the season, is scheduled for March 8th. Is there any chance that our chapter copy of the '08 Assembly DVD could be sent out in time for that meeting?

Max Peterson
Three Rivers Chapter Head
Max, BTW - I had still not received a returned post DVD - so your original one is probably still lost in the ether.

The CD packet postmarked April 11, '09 arrived today (4/13). Thank you for following through on this. I will notify our members that it is now available, and I look forward to watching it myself. I think that I even spotted my little canoe in the photo on the cover.:)