Anyone recognize builder


My buddy sent me some photos of a conoe he recently inherited from grampa. based on what you can see in the pictures, does anyone know who might have made it. Doesn't look like an old town. Any help much appreciated.


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I'm not as knowledgable as most on this site but I would lean toward it being a Farber as well. I have one hanging in my shop and it looks very near the same. The yoke, seat shape and placement and deck shape are almost identical. Mine doesn't have the half ribs and the planking doesn't look quite as tightly fitted on mine but otherwise it's very close.
Canoe identification

The canoe is 12 feet long. I also found out the canoe came from Maine and was probably built by a local builder. There are no builders marks or numbers anywhere on the boat.

Any idea what part of Maine? I came across a very similar looking boat, although longer (15 or 16 ft). I have some leads on a local Maine builder who may have built it. If I can get some better photos I will post them for comparison.

On second thought/look, your canoe appears better crafted/finished, but still similar. Probably a long shot.

my Guess probably from Milo Maine either Myron Smart or Malon Sally / Carl Ricker. Rollin could pinpoint as he is the Guru pretty sure its not one of the "Bowley" canoes we didn't do 1/2 ribs in the 11 1/2 footers carying yoke and seats are different too . I believe that Myron shiplapped his planking if that helps
LOVE that quote "FH".........heading up to the Boat School store this weekend to see whats up and new in there!....Also a road side stop for some steamed Lobsters.......... My associate is itching to see that part of the country again. We were supposed to go to Millinocket this weekend to see a guy up there that makes Birchbark canoes but the person we were to stay with had to cancel...good luck to the poster of this question...Looks like a great canoe!
By golly Harvery, I do belive that you are correct. That does look like a Myron Smart 12' canoe. Myron was an expert on beavers and used his canoe to track them down. He wanted a design that was easy to use and could get in and out fast. He built for many years but was always a kind of rough builder, used a lot of steal fastenings and not a whole lot of sandpaper ever saw his canoes BUT he liked doeing it and was a great source of information and history. I belive he built from the early 50's to the mid 70's and may of never made more than 10 canoes a year.
I had seen a couple of other curved yokes that he had done out of cedar but the opening on this one is much rounder than on the others.
Went out and took another look at my old 16' Faber in the yard!.....different deck configuration, brass square cut screws on every other rib and no half ribs........... Gonna have to get to work on that one. nice lines for a cheapy! will post a pic of the deck with whats left of the decal if anyone is interested!