Anyone Near Green Bay that could store a canoe?


LOVES Wooden Canoes
I'm looking at a canoe but would need someone to store it until I could make it up there. Not sure if we have any local members who have a barn or large canoe storage facility.


Green Bay is three hours from us but if no one else can help you out we can go get it and put it in our barn with the other 17 canoes residing there. Email Kathy or me.
Hey Denis,

I sent you an email. Thank you for the offer. IF someone closer doesn't chime in I may take you guys up on it. I hate the thought of you guys driving a total of 6 hours for a canoe for me...but woul dlove to see your canoes when I came to pick it up.

Thanks again,

Adam-- We enjoy visits from WCHA members, and we have a couple extra bedrooms. (Denis makes great French toast, with real maple syrup and eggs right outta the chicken. These days, the blackberries are ripe and the cider Denis is pressing is sweet and quite wonderful.)

Dennis and Kathryn,

Thank you for the offers. Unfortunately, somebody else beat me to the canoe. I will have to make it up that way someday to try the awesome breakfast and see your canoes.

Thank You,

Sorry to hear you missed that canoe. On deals like that one must act quickly.
You of coarse are welcome to visit any time as is anyone else. Just give us a heads up. :)