antique/vintage sailing rig on ebay france


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Hello, I am restoring a wooden boat, not a canoe, but, whilst searching ebay for the bronze fittings I need, I came across a complete sailing rig for a canoe, it must be pre-war if not earlier and has an amazing collection of bronze fittings and a sail. The burgee is French and from a Canoe club but which one...?
The seller doesn't know what it is. The price is about 180 USD. I can help anyone who doesn't speak French with a translation etc. but it is nearly 6.00 pm here and I will be going to bed in 4-5 hrs! There is about a day to run. It seems a shame if no one buys it for use on a canoe but I doubt if there is anyone interested in France.

Obviously I have no connection with the seller, the member's question is about dimensions and is from me.
Ebay ref 200154761097