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Bradford Wyman

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello All-

The attached photos are of a canoe friends have dragged out of their barn after more than 40 years. They have measured it as 16' long and 30-31" wide. The serial number appears to be 1568. I have not seen it, but it looks like a really nice boat.

Any clues?



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Most likely a Waltham, though there is a chance it could be a Robertson or Crandell (though Crandell typically only built 17' canoes).
Thwart Stamp

You might check the ends of the thwart next to the inwale for a Robertson stamp in the wood. You will likely have to clean it and look very, very closely to see it, if it is there. Like Dan said, all likely candidates.
Thank You

Fitz, Dan-

Thank you for your help with this post. My friend says the Waltham sounds likely and his family, where the canoe comes from, was around there.

Hello Brad,
This canoe turned out to be a Robertson. After stripping the Robertson stamp was found on the thwart.