Another solid auction result

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I have wondered if the market may eventually loose interest in old model canoes but it doesn't seem to have happened yet. The Old Town model shown at the link below just had the hammer come down at $20,000. The build record is attached below if anyone is curious. This was made during a period when the build records for model canoes didn't contain much detail, unfortunately. The adjacent records indicate that it is from the December, 1923 or January, 1924 era.


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Just wow. Interesting to note that it was covered in “oil cloth” and not canvas. Makes sense, a thinner version for models I presume? I sure wish that I could afford one. Perhaps I gotta get going on lofting this 15’ 1880’s Gerrish of mine!
Interesting. I just bought some oil cloth for the top of an antique card table I am re-doing. The selection at my local fabric store was very limited, but there is plenty online. So I guess people still use it, although for what I don't know. Certainly not canoes.