Another mystery canoe - any thoughts?


Mad Badger
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mystery glass covered 1.jpgmystery glass covered 2.jpg

Planks seem to run up and down, not along the length, and it has an inside keelson. Anybody ever seen something like this? I haven't seen it in person, and don't know if the fiberglass is factory or add on....
This canoe looks like an Orange Crate designed by W. Ben Hunt of Wisconsin.

Jim Kirk
Long Beach, California
I have heard of an orange crate design in Popular Mechanics back in the 50's. Is that what you refer to?
The design was published in Boys Life magazine in the 1950's. It was v-bottomed, planked with orange crate slats and fabric covered. When I built mine in the early 60's the oranges were shipped in cardboard boxes, so I planked it in plywood.

Jim Kirk