Yet another mystery canoe ???


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Do you know the maker? The original owner couldn't remember where they ordered it built but felt it was either in Quebec or Ontario, Canada in 1978. Serial # 790166, 13.5" decks, 15.5' long, 34"wide, 13" deep, 23" rise, very thin 3/16" thick x 2.25" wide white cedar ribs spaced 1.75" apart, 3.5" wide red cedar planks, 2 thwarts including factory yoke, babiche seats, Robertson screws, aluminium stem bands. Unfortunately the manufactures decal has been damaged. If anyone can identify this maker and/or has a picture of the deck decal it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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I think I'm making out an L A remaining on the sticker; perhaps "Lake something" might be a town where the manufacturer was located.
Yup, it is now Dave. Sure would like to put a makers name on it though. The widow I bought it from was in tears as she recanted the many canoe trips she and her late husband had been on with it including the Bowren Lakes. Probably paid too much for it but what the heck.
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another mystery

This is definitely a Langford deck; circa 1970


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Bob is "THE MAN" - Thanks. Just talked by phone with Langford Canoe Company. They don't have any of the old style decals left and were to busy too try to find a picture for me too copy. I agreed to purchase their new style canoe deck medallion for $20 [ plus shipping ] but they then decided not to sell me one. Said they needed to keep them for their own canoes. So much for customer service.
Mystery Canoe - Langford?

I just had to comment about the poor customer service from Langford. A year or so ago I saw another post who related a similar experience.

I bought a new Langford approximately 10 years ago. When I called them later to learn what type varnish they used so I could use the same when it comes time to refinish the interior, they quickly let me know that they didn't have the time as I wasn't going to hire them for the job.

I like the boat, but if anyone came to me wondering whether they should buy a boat from Langford, I can't say that I'd encourage them to do so.
Don't feel bad, you only got poor service through correspondence. Two weeks ago I wandered in the store in Algonquin while 2 employees outside watched, I looked around for 10 minutes and walked back outside and had to get out of their way while they moved some stuff around outside. Not so much as a "hey there". Not fussy on their products anyways.
Hi Dave, I have a similar canoe, but a little newer, around 74 /75, it has a newer style decal, do you want a pic of that one? The pic shown here is from a similar logo on a Langford that was at Assembly in Peterborough last year.

I've had a similar customer service experience, I asked about info on my canoe - "different owners then, sorry we can't help you" - but they're still nice canoes!!