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Bob B.

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Hello, I am new here and wanted to ask a question. I have an opportunity to buy an American Traders "Trader" canoe. It is 15'8", and 34.5" beam, I believe it has 1.5 inches of rocker ( I wish it had more). It will be used occasionally as a BWCA tripper tandem, but mostly as a solo on large and and small lakes and twisty creeks for rubber necking and fishing. First off, do American Traders make quality boats and secondly are their any reviews of this boat? How is this for a solo boat?

I look forward to reading your replies.

Hi Bob:
Finally a question I can answer.
I worked for American Traders for 9 years and liked the Trader so much I bought one for myself.
The builder that makes this model buildes most of the canoes and other items for American Traderes and is very good. He is always thinking of ways to make it better and quality is always first on the list.
It was designed to be lighter weight so the ribs are spaced further apart than many models. The option for half ribs was added after I got mine and this helps to strengthen the bottom. I purchased my canoe in 96 and have used it both tandem and solo, with and without dog and gear. Most of the time it is used on flat water, but I have been in some light white water. I find it stable enough for fishing and have used it for poling. I have not loaded my canoe for a multi day trip, but would not hesitate to do so.
I think a review was done on this model by Canoe magazine (or after they became Canoe & Kayak) maybe late 90's. It was lumped in with other plastic boats and didn't give a lot of info other that it was pretty.
Most of the Traders made had epoxy on the hull, but several were made with canvas.
Brad Chamberlin

I appreciate your reply. I think the Trader is basically a PAL design. The Trader does have a nice shallow arch bottom and a very fine entry with cheek that slopes eventually to a 34.5 inch beam. the boat I am looking at is 10 years old ... but has never been in the water with the exception of my test paddles. It looks to be very well built to me. It does weigh 64 pounds, I was looking for something quiet a bit lighter, but the boat is so preeety I may buy it anyway.

Did you find your boat to be easy to paddle solo in the wind? Also, I do plan to poll that boat is I get it.

I find the Trader works well in the wind. If I am solo I try to put some weight in the bow to help.
Many times when my wife and I are paddling in Maine, the water is like glass when we start and we are paddling in whitecaps on the way back to the car.

It performs well in both conditions

Hi Brad
I have a chance to purchase an American Traders Canoe. It's a 17' 3' Tripper. It was manufactured in 1996. Can you tell me If it is fiberglass or Kevlar?

That's not BW/Q canoe, at least not a tandem, solo travel would be fine.

Looks like a good design for the small water/cricks you describe.


"is 15'8", 34.5" beam and 1.5 inches of rocker" ( I wish it had more). It will be used occasionally as a BWCA tripper tandem,