almost done!

bob goeckel

Wooden Canoe Maniac
bob's special(i am). waiting banding and new canoe.


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Bob Sp Form

Well done sir Robert.
Can i borrow it?
btw if you don't have the bands yet and need some i have a guy here in town that makes them to order.
OF COURSE YOU CAN USE IT. ANYTIME! since i have to finish the new morris i may wait to try it right away so let me know if you want it. i have 2 sets of bands already and have about 7 on the form now. this is the hardest part getting them to lay flat on the form.
Whew, for a second there I thought that it was one ugly stripper canoe!

They sad truth about getting the bands to lie flat is to use more screws along their length. Keep them to the sides and they won't interefere with the ribs or your planking job. Learned that the hard way.
doug, what i have finally resorted to is screws on the edges and cutting the band off without bending it under. works very well that way without many screws.