Allagash Lake


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I'm thinking of an Allagash Lake trip, putting-in upstream of the lake on Allagash Stream, and returning to take-out there. I understand that this route can be a problem during dry periods. Has anyone on the Forum taken this route? How late in the season can it be used?

Thanks for your help.
I've gone in to Allagash Lake several times by that route. In the middle of the summer, July and Aug, the stream can get farily low but it is a very sandy stream so wanlking beside the boats and pulling them throught the shallow ears is not too tough. Its a farily short "walk" or drag. So basily I would recommend for just about any time.
Check out Allagash issues at
Enjoy your trip.
Hi Matt...Blue Viking down here in So Paris....Let me know the details of how your planning your trip. If I have my 18 Ogilvy done in time, it would be a great christening for it.