All wood dry storage?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi, I'm new to wooden canoes, still working on a first w/c restoration. I'm curious about the "all wood" canoes, do you have to keep them in the water most of the time? Or you can take them in and out as with a w/c canoe? I'm thinking that larger wooden boats, traditionally planked, are mostly kept in the water to avoid the wood moving a lot... well at least that's what I have read.

Surprised nobody has answered. I don't have an answer either, other than to say I'd imagine keeping an all-wood out of the water most of the time would be preferable. Probably dry with ambient humidity in the air would be ideal.

Otherwise museums with rare boats would have to run their sprinkler systems every night! ;)
Yes, I was surprised too... then simply kept investigating. It seems that the type of construction, and as you said for how long the canoe is kept in the water each time will determine how well the canoe will resist the cycles of wet/dry conditions. Basically it can be done (store it out of the water), and it's done :)

Thanks a lot for replying!
A very thourough and careful varnish application inside and out assures that the boat can be dry stored or left wet.
Mostly left wet results in some kind of dampness getting under the varnish to say nothing of Ultra-violet and storm surges and serange people borrowing your canoe to go fishing. It is a small boat designed to be placed in and out of the water, N'est pas a Chris-Craft.
Probably no replys as the owners are all out paddling.
I restored an all wood peterborough rib canoe. Was worried about shrinkage as the originals where put in a kiln with some screw clamps to tighten the ribs as it dryed. It took a long time to do it and I had it clamped tight with up to 14 band clamps. I have had it in and out of the water for 3 years. No shrinkage or gaps. Used epifanes varnish. If I slacked on upkeep and the wood would get wet then dry again, I would expect gaps to start showing then. I'm in Colorado and it can get pretty dry as well as wet.


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All wood canoes are varnished. Store dry, just like any other canoe. I've never heard of anyone storing these canoes in the water and can't image it would do them any good.
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