All wood, but what is it??

The Canoe Kid

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Any have any ideas on this boat?

All I know is that it's for sale and that the specs are:

15ft 10in long, 33 inches wide, 12 1/4 deep.

Any idea on value? I almost never see these on the market.




The Canoe Kid
It probably says right on the thwart tags...

I had a Peterborough Canadien once that had the same type of mast thwart, instead of having the mast ring mounted on the deck covering board.

Not much else to go on.
If someone is really interested in this canoe I could go look at it for you. It's located about 45 min away from me. I'm not interested myself. Too much money but it does look interesting. It's on the Hudson Valley Craigslist.

Jim C.

Would this canoe have been canvassed originally?

I thought it was made as an all wood boat - no canvas.

Am I wrong?