advice on red cedar strip repair


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My daughter and I built a red cedar strip canoe named the Time Catcher. It was on the water twice but has been hanging in the garage for most of its life. It fell one day and caused damage. It looks like it broke three to four strips from looking at it from the inside. it is glued red cedar with the fiber glass cloth. I would like advice on the best way to repair it. image.jpg
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It doesn't look like the hull is deformed terribly, but push the damaged area to make sure it goes back into "fair". Sand the area with 180 grit, cut a patch at least 2" all around the damaged area, and put 'glass patches inside & out. Do the glass work just like you did when building it, then varnish & you're ready to go....
Thank you for the information. This canoe and the picture album of my daughter and I working on it are my most cherished /sentimental items.
I'd add to Paul's comments that if it were me, I'd cut away any delaminated fiberglass so that the patch is well adhered to the wood core. And be sure it's clean before putting on any resin and have at least 3" of overlap on to good glass/resin.