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Keith P

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
Well I am about to start on a LARGE project.. Hopefully, one that I finish in my lifetime. I purchased Rollin's plans for the Morris canoe from Woaden boat mag. I think my first step is going to be making the molds. Does anyone have any smart ways of transfering the station patterns from the plan to the plywood? The easiest way I can think is to get 7 copies of the stations sheet at Kinkos and then cut them all out. I am not sure how kosher this thought is in regards to the copyright. The other thought I have is to get some large sheets of transfer paper and then trace the lines. Hmm that actually sounds easier then the first option. Ether way I need to get this started or I never will.
One of the usual ways to do this is to lay you plan on your mold stock, and prick through the paper into the wood with an awl in several locations. Remove the paper, then connect your dots with a batten. This is an especially useful way to do it when your stations show only half the hull, as is typical, because you flip the paper over on the centerline and use the first set of holes to mark the second half.
I use vellum and trace it than get some 1/4 " masonite and use spray adhesive glue the vellum to the board saw it out and now you have a half pattern I use a 2 ft square and make my center line on the mold station and trace one half than flip over for the other side