About Keels.

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I was browsing the records pie charts but could not find the answer. I was talking canoes and my friend said he does not recall a canoe he restored that did not have a keel. And he's done alot. So, is there a pie chart or record somewhere that tells how many Old Towns had keels? Or canoes in general for that matter? Any guesses?
There is not a pie chart anywhere that tells how many Old Towns had keels because this question was not anticipated when the build record database was developed. We have even less information about canoes from other manufacturers. My guess is that very few canoes were originally built without keels. Many canoes are being restored today without having the keels put back on.

You could search through the serial number forum here and count the number of records without keels to get a rough idea of the percentage without keels. The most accurate answer would involve getting your own copy of the build records from the WCHA store and going through each record individually. Please reply here to let us know what you decide to do and what answers you find.


Hi, thanks for the reply. I thought maybe I was just missing a page somewhere. I vaguely recall my college days and statistical analysis, Statistics and research design. I think I may have to check some numbers as you suggest and extrapolate some percentages and other non-serious numbers. I'll post back if I have success.
I bet somebody could do a tidy little business collecting and refurbishing all those surplus keels. I know that I've got a little stash of them that I use as needed.