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Is there any record of how many canoes Old Town made for and shipped to A & F in NY? What years did they ship to them? Are these relatively rare or fairly common. Thanks
Hi Ticonderoga,

Many of the companies that carried sporting goods carried canoes by the builders who sold through dealerships-- Old Town, Rushton, Morris... most of the larger builders. I've seen A&F tags on Morris canoes from the first years of the twentieth century and assume A&F carried Old Town from that time as well... and probably continued to carry them until whenever it was that they no longer carried such things (the 60s?-- dunno). Unless a record of this sort of shipment was kept separately, the only way to know how many canoes were shipped to A&F in NY would be to pick through the build records... which would be a substantial project as there are over 200,000 in the records we have on CD, which go into the 1970s.

I wouldn't say that the Old Town canoes shipped to A&F in NYC were "rare"... but at the same time, they'd be no more common than canoes shipped to other big city dealerships--- but this is only an opinion. If you're trying to determine if your canoe might be worth more to a buyer having been shipped to A&F in NY, there wouldn't be any extra value unless the canoe had a fancy early A&F brass tag-- and even then, the added value might not be much money-wise but might make the canoe more interesting and thereby more sale-able. For instance, if a buyer was looking at two canoes of similar age and condition and one had a nice old A&F tag, the buyer might be more inclined to buy the A&F canoe. It's also possible that someone with a special connection to NYC might want a canoe shipped to that destination, but Old Town also shipped to other dealerships in NYC, such as Macy's.

I hope this helps... Benson might have more answers regarding the business dealings between OT and A&F.

Is there any record of how many canoes Old Town made for and shipped to A & F in NY?

The short answer is yes but it would not be easy to count them as Kathy mentioned. You would need to buy a set of the scanned Old Town build records from http://store.wcha.org/Old-Town-Build-Records-on-CD-ROM.html and then search them one at a time to get an exact count. This is not quick or easy but it can be done as described in some of the messages at http://forums.wcha.org/showthread.php?4641 by Roger Young who undertook a similar research project to find all of the four and eight foot long model canoes. Let me know if you plan to take this on and I can offer some specific tools and suggestions to simplify the process.

Old Town shipped canoes to A. & F. for many years but I don't know the exact range. You will also need to decide if you want to include Carleton canoes in this. There was a period when Old Town owned Carleton which allowed them to ship Carleton canoes to A. & F. and Old Town canoes to Macy's so that these retailers were technically not competing with each other. This is the same as pickup trucks from Chevrolet and GMC dealers today.

A quick search of this forum for "Abercrombie" will show over twenty references to canoes that shipped there. This implies that they are probably not exceptionally rare or especially common.