50lb Closed Gunwale


Some month back I requested details from the Forum of the gunwale trim for a 1917 15' 50lb closed gunwale OT. The canoe came to me with most of an old fiber-glass job badly removed and no top rails or outwales. I replaced the tops of both stems, both decks, four ends of the inwales, half the ribs and about half the planking. The seats were in good shape.

My request for details of the toprails and gunwales was answered by several Forum readers but the most helpful information came from Evan Smith. His posted detail drawings were not only extremely useful but beautifully drawn.

Evan, where-ever you are thank you very much.


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Oh Evan, where have you gone???

I used his drawings too but never copied them off. We're going back about two years now. I think Evan has left for faster waters. His intriguing sense of humor lives on... :eek:
Thanks for sharing.

Very nice Crosscuts, thanks for sharing the photos.

I hope Evan finished his canoe.