Harold L

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have an old Old Town Canoe Serial #3029-16 about which I know nothing. how do I research it? I am going to restore it myself and need lots of information. What is the best route to go? I am a new member of the WCHA.
Canoe Identification


The SN search forum would have been the best place for this but thanks for the inquiry and joining the WCHA. The SN 3029 was not found in the archives. The records are sketchy at best during this time frame. The closest SN to yours was 3033 which was built in 1906 and I think it would be safe to say yours is from that year. If you post some pictures we can probably help identify as to the model, etc.

Good luck with the restoration. You will find the WCHA is a valuable source for help as you progress.

Ric Altfather