2007 Important News


WCHA once again is leading the country with technology and innovation. The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that beginning in 2007 there will be no physical Assembly - to be replaced by "virtual Assembly"

"Instead of just a few hundred people gathering at one location, WCHA members and visitors from around the world will be able to get together via the magic of the internet." announced WCHA President Bill Conrad. "Just think of the possibilities, canoe experts who don't have the time to travel can participate. This is just a natural extension of our highly successful website and forum - I'm looking forward to it - no weather problems, no bugs and we won't have to endure the smell of beer or those twangy acoustic instruments you encounter every night."

"E-ssembly", as it is being dubbed, will require a broadband internet connection, a webcam and a special password, obtainable when you register for the event. Since participants will save on food, lodging and transportation costs, registration has been increased to $300. Once registered, participants can log in, open their own beers and join in the fun from the comfort of home or office.

Noted slackers and frequent absentees Dave Osborn and Bill Whalen praised the decision to move the Assembly to the electronic world. "I never would have found my way to Keuka, anyway" said Osborn. Whalen, noted for his previous organization of the sailing canoe races, could not be reached for comment, though sources close to him said he was a bit intimidated by the thought of having to sail on a lake that actually gets wind.

Watch for further information as plans develop.
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Well done. Creative. I am working on a virtual canoe for the E-ssembly.

Cav always comes thru.
Hey - I waited til late afternoon - no one stepped up to the plate. It's a tradition started by the afore mentioned Whalen - needs to continue. Happy April 1st!
Getting Places

On several occasions I have noticed that Dave does reach destinations (and on time, too!) and actually seems to have given up his dubious use of "the globe" he favors in place of the more traditional "maps" the rest of rely on. This past weekend, I rode shotgun while he manned the wheel. We only missed one turn on the way to Millers Boathouse and I only had to use the map to find our way for the last 1/4 of the trip. I thought that was really excellent. Mostly, I think it shows what an advanced male he is since most men that I know would have scoffed, "No we don't need you to get out the map book, I can tell it's right over there someplace......." while aiming a bristly chin in the direction of ...... nothingness. Besides, he has a very keen sense of direction (on the Flatlands) and exhibits masterful use of the brakes and signals. He is God's Amazing Miracle.
If I had been along,

He would have had me to navigate. That must have been during his "globe" days.
Where am I?

I'm still looking for the Lake Placid Brew Pub......has it moved?
Wonder if the Old Curmudgeon is still there.....waiting for me! He seems to be an absentee on this forum. Cavy, you did a great job on April Fool's Day in his absence. May the tradition continue!!
Curmudgeon arriving. ding-ding.

Have just arrived (it's 0130) from Italy. Spent a few weeks there. Didn't even think about you guys on April 1st. Oh well. The food and the wine wuz great.
Noted Slacker and Frequent Absentee......

To Mike Cavanaugh.....
Noted slacker and frequent absentee, Dave Osborn, is just about to send in his registration for the 2007 Assembly. With any luck I'll find the place.
I'll have Ferdy Goode and Splinter in tow, so I'll let them navigate.

Is there a local brew pub? Maybe I should get directions before I leave this time.

Three heads are better than one

With Dave driving, the trip will be directed by my maps, mapquest route info, GPS reading, Ferdy will be using his keen sense of direction, compass, moss on north sides of trees, stars, sextant, etc. Just in case, we will bring Dave's globe (left over from his Lake Placid days), a crate of pigeons and some teensy pieces paper. I believe we will find all destinations on this trip.
Don't forget to bring your Magic Eight Ball, just in case all else fails and you need to stop and ask for directions.
Yep! Don't leave home without it !!!

That's a "given". You know I always have the small one in my purse, but I think I will bring the larger "dashboard size" for the trip as well. Thanks for this important reminder. Splinter
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Brew Pub answer...

Remember, you will be in the middle of wine country, approximately 20+ around the lake! If the need for a brew is overwhelming, consult Mike or Dan I'm very sure they can help.

Hope to see you all there.