2007 Annual Assembly Registration

Dan Miller

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The Assembly Information Packet and registration materials are now online and can be downloaded here:http://www.wcha.org/assembly/index.html

The 2007 Annual Assembly features Charles River canoes, and should prove to be a feast for the eyes!

See you there,


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The "Information" form says "Requests for “reasonable accommodations” or a specific room/dorm must be received by May 10, 2007." These instructions were posted May 16th. What sort of "UNreasonable accomodations" might still be available?:rolleyes:

[note also that all links are labeled "2006"]
Thanks, fixed the links. I post the docs when I get them. The registration form went to all members in the April issue, so it should have been in everyones hands in plenty of time...

I asked for a jacuzzi, wine cellar and personal chef in my request for unreasonable accomodations...

Of course no criticism intended, Dan. I saw the insert in the last Wooden Canoe; just wanted to poke a little fun at "reasonable accomodations"!