1'st Bob's Special off form

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born new years eve!


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and it was a bit startling. it literally popped off the form. if we haden't had a grip on it it would have hit the floor. i think i see another one on the back wall waiting to be born.:D
Looking good! New Years, eh? you say. You will have fond thoughts of that day for many years to come. Well done.
Very Nice Bob's Bob!

Keep us posted on your progress.:cool: I'm rehabbing a 1920's vintage Bob's right now. It is just about ready for varnish. I'm not used to the light construction. I broke a rib hammering some planking on...I think I may exacerbated an existing condition. The planking I replaced was at an impact site, and I think the rib was partially broken already. Better to find it now than later I guess.

Are you going light weight with your construction?
fitz, to some extent i am. however, i do not have any pictures of an actual "special" so i have only used the offsets. could you post a pic of your deck for me? thanks
Chestnut Bob's details.


Here are some photos. Let me know if you want any details.

The first photo is the bow deck. The second photo is meant to show the deck cut out. The original caning pattern. A shot of the center thwart. A shot showing the length of the canoe. Finally, a shot showing the inwale, deck, stem details.



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The inwales come together and then there is a mortise cut in each inwale to accept the end of the stem. The end of the stem is visible.
Very interesting pictures.....My decks are the same but by the looks of the ribs, I guess mine is a different model....I have the narrow ribs, about an inch and three eigths wide... Nice looking canoe! Great work! My decal was beyond saving so I am contacting that Ivey company in Canada to get the right one for this '65 B]
The stem gunnel joint looks like this. Views from the front and back. It's easiest to do while the hull is still on the mould, as in the photos.


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wow, when i first built the new morris i decided to "invent " a new joint for the stem and did this very thing. guess i didn't invent anything! by the way i have been riveting this joint since the start and it makes a very strong easily fixable joint.
Question for Bob

I'm still planning on building the baswood planked hull this summer. How many ribs are needed to build the Bob's Special, I still have to get them and prep them for the canoe. How many did you prep and did you have any breakage when bending them?
40 ribs, 3 cant ribs in each stem. i broke one rib which had a small knot. none of the ribs were presoaked. i steamed them dry.i cut about 3-5 extra on most builds. i guess it was a good choice to build on the form in dec. since i was expecting you to be using it in jan. a friend has been hinting about using it and another friend wants to learn to build one so it will be in use for awhile. and i plan one or two more soon.:D
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With regard to using the mold, I have three offered at this time that I might use. We are coming to Michigan in July on the way to Assembly. Current planning calls for building in the two weeks before Assembly or the two weeks after on the way home. Have to keep the schedule flexible, illness in the family could mess up the planning. I'm sorry I can't be more definite at this time but I will stay in touch.
Ribs for Bob's Special

I am currently ordering material for the basswood canoe. My question is how many ribs should I order for the canoe and do I need any 72" ribs or will 60" ribs be long enough?
I have enough basswood for 3/4 of the canoe already cut , I will need a little more. Still looking for a source for the rest. You can respond here of contact me at www.stagecoach15@msn.com
if you are asking about my form, 60" is fine. and i think 44 ribs. two in the ends are cant ribs. i'll double check tonight fer sure dude.