1960's Chestnut Bob's Special interior color?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have a 1960's Chestnut Bob's Special that I'm about to redo I notice that the interior color of the ribs and planking appears to be a golden oak color. Did Chestnut use a stain or colored varnish to finish the interior? It appears that there is color in the varnish residue flakes from chipping.

Hope someone has the answer.
It could be that someone applied a varnish or polyurethane/stain combo on the inside of your hull. I've seen this several times.
A restorer in my area, well before my time, did that all the time. I think he thought that it made those white pine and white cedar patches blend in with original red cedar planking.

If I had your canoe, Dakin, I would strip it and apply a good quality marine varnish.
Thanks Dave: Another reply indicated Chestnut did not stain or use colored varnish in their canoes. Knowing that I now assume that the original varnish had aged to a 'golden oak' stain finish. My reason for asking was that I had never seen this unusual coloration in any other wooden canoe or boat before. I guess a first time for everything!
My Fox is also an early 60's canoe and it also has a very "golden" appearance. The boat is entirely original and has nver been revarnished.
These boats were banged together. It seems very unlikely that anyone "tuned" the varnish.
Mike, as a proud Canadian and owner of many Chestnuts i take great exception with you disparaging the build quality of our oldest and longest running canoe company. They WERE NOT banged together. They slapped them together - please adjust your semantics. ;);)