1955 OTCA Restore


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I just want to thank everyone on this forum for giving me the confidence to attempt this rebuild.

I was given this canoe after my father-in-law died. He bought it in the early sixties and it was his pride and joy. He owned several canoes but this was his favorite and his only wood canoe. If he had known it was in such disrepair he would have been sick about it. It was stored outside the past few years wrapped in a tarp. Water was getting in and rotted out both ends.

All parts were ordered from Old Town, not the most economical, but since I have never done this before I felt it was the best choice for me. I replaced inner and outer gunnels, decks, stems, one rib, keel, canvas and new varnish.

I had pictures before I started but forgot to put on my computer. The first picture is the earliest I have.

Thanks again, had it not been for this web page I would not have gained the knowledge or confidence to do this.

It isn't perfect, but I am proud of it. Most of all, my mother -in-law is happy to see it like this again.


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Bob, You did a great job restoring a family heirloom. Take great satisfaction in not only keeping a great canoe alive, but family memories as well.
Looks like beautiful work, Bob. You have honored this canoe and its heritage, and that's a beautiful thing to see-- the canoe itself, and what your restoration of it means to your family. This story is like getting a warm holiday hug-- thanks.

You are right Dan.

Something about it gets in your blood. Each step of the process gave me a sense of accomplishment.

A friend is wanting me to recanvas and varnish one for his neighbor. I may see if he interested in selling it.

I have two sons and they are already trying to lay claim to this one. I need to find another canoe so I don't have to end up cutting this one in half someday.:(

Here are a couple photos of stretching the canvas.


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