1905 old town with sail


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anyone know what a 18 ft 1905 oldtown canoe,with sail andseat down the middle is worth,located one in storage and dont know much about them.
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I would first suggest that you post a few pictures and find the serial number. The serial number is stamped into both stems inside the bottom of the canoe. Assuming it is an Old Town the build sheet would provide valuable info as to what model, grade etc. the canoe is. Post the number here and someone on this forum will look up the build sheet for you. Pictures are also very helpful. You might start with the following thread: http://forums.wcha.org/showthread.php?t=57 which is found in the "frequently asked questions" forum. If you need help finding the serial number try this: http://forums.wcha.org/showthread.php?t=791

People on here are very helpful with canoe identification and always full of advice - some of which is actually helpful :)

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Jim C.
I dont have a camera or acces to the canoe for the next couple day,is there somewhere i can serch some pictures of a 1905 old town?from what i can find online it seems to be a 18ft old town heavy water.
The best place to look for online pictures is on this site. Check out the "Canoe Photo Index" section and even the classified ads. Pictures from canoe company catalogs are also available in the reprinted catalogs available in the WCHA online store and also from other contributors to the forums. You will get the best and most accurate ID of your canoe by posting a couple pictures. Borrow a digital camera if you need to. Good luck.

Jim C.