17' old town


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I've never done this before, do I have to pay someone to do a search for a history on an old canoe. I posted 5 days ago and no response. Can someone please tell me what to do.
You have done everything correctly. This is handled by volunteers so we get busy and miss things occasionally. I'm sorry about the delay. I've responded to your original message that this serial number does not show a 17 foot long canoe so you may need to supply some pictures of the numbers in each end or take another look at these digits on both stems to let us know which one is the least clear. Thanks,

thank you, I will check the canoe again, I didn't mean to offend any one. twenty years ago when I was doing a lot of restorations you paid old town $5 for each history search.
Don't worry about offending anyone here-- I'm glad you tossed the ball at us again. We like looking these up or we wouldn't do it, but as Benson said, sometimes a request gets passed-over... they don't come up as "new" once the request has been read, which is how I lose track of them sometimes.

This might be a good place to remind those who have a set of the Old Town records that anyone can jump in and answer a request... or if you see one that hasn't been responded-to for a while, give me a holler!