17' Old Town Canoe

Rick Fehr

Curious about Wooden Canoes

Do we have any information available for #316650-17 , or is it too new to be on CD yet ?

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The scanned Old Town records stop at 210999 as Kathy mentioned so none of us have any newer information. You can send $3 to Old Town for part number 01.1332.0100 as shown at http://oldtown.wcha.org/parts.html to get a copy of the build record. Please reply here if they are not able to satisfy your request. Thanks,

According to the customer service a number that high would be from the late 1980's or early to mid 1990's. Benson pointed out to me in his email it may well be a canoe which was fiberglassed and then painted in the factory when new.
I was told by the customer service person that Old Town stopped keeping detailed records in the mid 1980's.
Old Town #316650-17


I went ahead and upped my bid and bought that canoe out in San Diego. Hope to get down there and pick it up next week. From the bow height measurement of around 25" I'm thinking it is a 17' OTCA. I was told that it does not have a fiberglass skin.

I'll let you know more after I actually see it.

Ot # 316650-17


Well, I picked up #316650-17 this morning. The paint is peeling and the canvas a bit rotton, but with my inexperienced eye (at first glance) I can't find any cracks or wood needing replacement anywhere. The bones seem to be all intact.

Now I need to start reading a couple of books on what to do next. Looks like Jerry S. knows what to do.