16' closed gunwale EM White

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
I christened the White up in the Adirondacks, as it should. Couldn't have been a nicer evening either. Named after Elizabeth, my niece. What a joy to paddle.


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What a great canoe, you did a wonderful job of restoring it!!
Now enjoy it.
John would be very proud !!!
later Dave
wow, unbelievably it looks even better on the water. What a great boat, and first rate work. Guess the Ranger made it back under all that weight?
Thanks guys, I know it isnt perfect, just wanted to do it justice. Boy, those closed gunwales are tricky to replace. It paddles so nice solo. Elizabeth got a real kick that someone actually named a boat after her. Bob Hunt sure looks confident in it! Everything about that night seemed meant to be, it was perfect. Andre, yes, the Ranger sure had a load on it, I was glad to unload Rollins 20 foot Voyager in Flint, and get the Morris off and into my garage before something happened to it! We hit a huge storm on the way back from the assembly in Albany, had to hide under a bridge.


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Yeah, Sat nite we hit the worst storm in Vermont, dropped from 89degrees to 66 in under a mile, it was wild. Then someone hit a deer in the lane next to us, covering us with entrails. Oh and I drove over the entire contents of a tool box spilled on the road i saw too late and couldnt avoid, remarkably didnt get a flat. Was glad to get home! Glad the Morris survived. I miss the $2.65/gallon, we're up to $1.04/litre again. yikes.
Yes Ferdy, I spent some time at Moosonee on a bunch of canoe trips and thought to call the native cultural center to see what "Elizabeth" looked like in Cree syllabics. They found an elder who could still write it and promptly faxed me the correct interpretation. Due to the shape and look of the canoe, I really wanted to tie it back to aboriginal influences.
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